Critical Role Cosplay Music Video – Long May He Reign

The 86th Floor Critical Role Cosplay Music Video ✧ SPOILERS FOR CAMPAIGN 2 EPISODE 26

We absolutely adore Critical Role and getting the chance to work alongside such an amazing cast of cosplayers was an incredible experience! We sincerely hope you all enjoy the video as our small contribution back to such a wonderful and supportive community. ❤

★ Yasha Nydoorin | Grabbinlegs |
★ Jester Lavorre | Maker & Muse Cosplay |
★ Mollymauk Tealeaf | Woodsmoke and Words |
★ Fjord | JD Cosplay |
★ Beauregard | Katielavabug |
★ Caleb Widogast | Seamripper Cosplay |
★ Nott the Brave | Blueshift Creations |

◍ Production Team
Videography/Editing ★ Miranda Evans
Videography/Editing ★ Oisin Carr
Sound Design ★ Boris Jevric
Video Assistant ★ Imogen Wood
Photography & Graphic Design ★ Emi Mann

Production music courtesy of

Stay tuned for all the scenes we couldn’t fit into this video coming soon!

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    This is the PINNACLE. The mountain that you have created was steep, but you made it through.
    Now… you have to let people stand on your shoulders. Because you are THE GIANTS.
    Truly thank you for creating this experience.
    I hope the best for all of your futures.

  2. Hello. This video was amazing and I would like to know if you minded if I made some images using this video as inspiration?

  3. Please could you tell me what all the songs are in this? I;ve absolutely fallen in love with this video, and must have watched it a thousand times!!

  4. this is so beautiful. the detail and accuracy of the cosplay here is amazing, and the effects/editing are so incredibly well-done. i was moved to tears.

  5. I’m in tears , utter perfection , this was made with so much love and care I never knew how much the M9 had touched me , thank you all for your dedication it means so much .

  6. I love all of this, but I have to ask, are Molly and Jester doing the Oz Dust Ballroom dance from Wicked?

  7. Great video ;w; I couldn't help but shed tears at such a beautiful tribute ~ the cosplays were all amazing and the scenes. The ending cut me deeeep ~ good job x

  8. This is absolutely heartwrenching in the most brilliant way. Do you by any chance have a link to the first song used? It sounds gorgeous but I can't find it anywhere 🙁

  9. I have been putting off watching this one, but my gawds! This is amazing every moment of it. Amazing work! And the detail and time you put in have been incrble!!

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