1. When you cut off the fabric around the fingers, there seems to be a lot of excess. Is there a way to prevent that completely, like sewing it inside out?

  2. Couple questions: Planning on using this, so 1) what category did you buy these from? 2) what size did you get them in?

    From watching the video and visiting the sight, it looks like you got the Solid Color, with maybe a small, since you aren't gonna be wearing them on your legs.
    Please help

  3. this is gonna be so useful for my ashido cosplay!! thank you soooo much. do you know if you can still use phones with these on?

  4. I painted my friend pink and now I find this video? SHE WAS WEARING A TANK AND SHORTS. WE COULD HAVE SAVED AN HOUR SJJDIWOS

  5. I wish Halloween came back already I want to roleplay as someone x.x and I've been wanting short hair for awhile so…imma cut cut a bit ;3

  6. Oh my God this is genius !and your explanations are so simple . Honestly is the first tutorial that actually makes me feel like I can do it . Thank you ! I hope to see more from you . These simple but efficient tutorials are amazing

  7. I’m a dumbass. It took me almost the entire video to figure out this was for cosplay. I was like “for what kind of situation would I need to wear arm socks? Idk but this looks cool”.

  8. I never thought of this! That’s very interesting and creative. I imagine that this would be much more comfortable, and longer lasting than using body paint!

  9. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I'm making white diamond soo and was hella worried about this, this helped alot! I'm gonna try and do something similar for her feet too!!

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