Cosplay: Be True To Your Pleasure (Cosplay MV)

Please Read Before Viewing!!
This is a cosplay music video I created at London Comic Con 2015!! I hope you guys enjoy it and want to see more content like this!!
(Based off of the Magnum “Be True To Your Pleasure” editorial campaign)

Umbrella – Mechanical Brides

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Music from:
Epidemic Sound


  1. Cosplaying seems super cool. But I have no skills, I like to steal an old Adam Sandler bit. Put a newspaper in the front of my shirt(covering face) BAM, It's me CrazyNewpaper face, I have a newspaper for a face……give me some candy.

  2. this made me hungry, but i don't really like Magnum ice cream , or sweets. except for frozen grapes, i LOVE frozen grapes

  3. Ok cool vid but what annoyed me was. why eat powered sweets when you got gloves on. that stuff is a pain to get out of gloves

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