Concede so Tasty – Reanimate Mordecai Shadowcraft (Rotation Ranked) – Shadowverse

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  1. Feels so good to beat people with those max level "orange jewels" and "Grandmaster" titles.. I build my own decks from scratch and mostly meme my way to victory, which isn't very often if I'm being honest. But the few times I crush someone with Hamsa or 40 Reanimate cards with no synergy in mind… there is no greater feeling.

  2. Me vs mysteria is a rng fest if they manage to highroll turns and I don't get alexiel in time it is a insta lose doesn't matter how defensive I play cuz I will get a 20 sorcery

  3. Hopefully, with the key reanimate cards getting out of the way with chrono soon, we'll get some actual reanimate support, unlike that cocktease with crow.

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