1. I watched the Nintendo Direct. Nintendo has Directs multiple times a year. These have little to nothing to do with E3.

    Nintendo is beyond the E3 circle jerk. They're always great regardless of timing.

  2. I haven't really watched E3 as much as I used to.There was only one conference I watched this year which was the SquareEnix one. I just get the highlights from youtube. I will be watching a conference on Friday but it is post E3 which is the FFXIV live letter LII

  3. Cyberpunk does have gameplay. you just dont get to see it until August unless you're part of the press team. Also I imagine they're saving HALO gameplay until they can show it running on the new XBOX next year to capitalise

  4. Cyberpunk 2077 is building a hype. They are showing gameplay to the chosen few. On Gamescom we can all see the new gameplay. Same thing was happening last year.

  5. We are often buying a game with no clue what we are actually buying since in many cases the only available gameplay is a year or more old, with publishers relying on cinematic trailers to build hype, so effectively we are buying blind and hoping not to get screwed.

  6. I never watch games cinematic trailers, the only thing I’m interested in is the gameplay. I don’t even care about graphics.
    Because ultimately, all I do with a game, is playing it…

  7. This E3's biggest fails were FF7 and Avengers, in my opinion.

    Also, it's clear that they're putting all their effort into the cinematic trailers because they have no confidence in the gameplay to actually show it.

  8. you are absolutely right, I enjoy all kinds of gaming and I never thought these greedy ass sons of bitches would no longer be what WE MADE THEM TO BE….I still play with the nintendo64 because there are a lot of fun games still playable, I still play PS2, game-cube, they are my cinematic movies, they did the same thing with the old republic and they are lucky we also enjoy those trailers…..making a video game trailer should NOT BE THE MASTER PIECE….when halo 4 was released it became best seller for the balance and introduction of a new sensation of playing halo, halo you could play for a long time…..EA is drunk

    you cant take a fucking selfie when you play a video game, that's not how it works….those asshole are disgracing the people with the ideas that were brought to life….gamers don't want to take selfies as much ACTUALY PLAY THE GAME


  9. Jedi Fallen order, Cyberpunk 2077, FF7 Remake, Avengers, Ghost Wire Tokyo and maybe the new Watch Dogs.
    Those are the games that I’m interested in right now, I even pre ordered Cyberpunk already

  10. Cyberpunk literally showed a gameplay trailer after the cinematic one, Wartchdogs showed gameplay, Doom showed gameplay, Square Enix showed gameplay for 90% of their stuff….geez it isn't as bad as you say.

  11. I really hate that term “console peasant”! I’m not a peasant at all. I just think good PCs are vastly overpriced and too high maintenance. Plus the switch has exclusive games and franchises that pc will never have (legally).

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