Call Of Duty : GHOST – xbox 360 unable to install game ! -FIXED-

COD Ghost

I bought this game yesterday and tried like 5 times installing , at 98% appears ” Error Selected save Device has been lost” , The FlashDisk is still there and Beeping…

1.Clean your Disc using DVD Cleaner
2.Restart your Xbox
3.Select Another Storage Device (Online storage is not recommendable)
4.try it around 4-5 times because mine is successfully worked on the 4th time installing

-Change your game copy at your local game store or xbobx live
-Change your Storage device


  1. My install kept failing at 38% and saying that connection with the storage device had been lost. I found the tiniest little finger print on my (pre-owned) disc, cleaned it off and it worked fine.

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