Call of Cthulhu Starter Set – RPG Review

A look at the Starter Set for the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game, a box set containing the dice, rules, and sample adventures to introduce new players to and get them playing the game.
Scenarios included are Alone Against the Flames, Paper Chase, Edge of Darkness, and Dead Man Stomp.

You can pick up the set at the Chaosium website:

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Guest Starring Jack the NPC.


  1. Well Seth, I have been following your reviews for quite some time now, absolutely love your content but haven't played any CoC yet. This video finally convinced me, I'll give the Starter set a try. Thankfully Chaosium actually has an European warehouse so I don't have to worry about the bloody customs! o/

  2. any other books on old world kinda like dark age sorta want to do a dungeon crawl with lovecraft monsters thanks all the best

  3. So, as a completely new player is this enough to start? Or do I need a players handbook of sorts?
    Ps: congrats on getting into the starter set!

  4. I just got the starter and keeper set and it's all your fault lol. Thank you so much for everything and I love your videos.

  5. Passed my credit rating roll. Totally picking up the pdf. What a bargain. I already own the keepers and pulp manuals and have run 1 game which went well. But because of the advice from the last video too will go back and check out alone those adventures. You are an inspiration, thanks seth.

  6. I never understood about RPGs in general is the amount of (often expensive) stuff needed to run them and why they're split up. Even this starter set doesn't include the full rulebook or any minis. I'm not expecting a fancy hard cover or plastic minis, but a paperback book and some card characters shouldn't be too much to ask. As it is, it's a "get started" set that still needs extra stuff to get started.

    If I'm being really picky, why not go all in and have card tiles for the rooms of the various adventures? I'm guessing fans would love that and it gives new people something to play on since a new player isn't going to have all the usual dungeon tiles or perspex and markers that veterans have.

    All these suggestions are just paper and card which I think could be included and still keeping the price under that of the Keepers Guide.

  7. I didn't know that you (Seth) wrote a scenario for the New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley 😀 I was already excited about how well the kickstarter went; now I'm beside myself with anticipation! Is there an estimated/confirmed purchase date?

  8. I bought this today. I don’t know a single person that plays this. But you do such a GD good job of selling the fun of it; I had to pick it up. …once I figure it out it’s only a matter of time before I pull my friends down with me

  9. Congrats on living your dream!!! I liked the review and ordered a copy. I have never played Call of Cthulhu but I have read just about all of Lovecraft's stuff at least once and own a copy of the 7th ed. core book that I have been using as a game mechanic mine. Maybe I will actually try the game now! Thanks. 😀

  10. Why only 7 revamped scenario's? COC has so much more. I always start a new group with Wail of the Witch A great scenario, a fun new town and A lot of possibilities for adding new stuff (Which I did so much during the last 15 years. )

  11. Fun trick! As for the D12 (ahem.. I meant dodecahedron) I usually have it instead of the 2D6 rolls (weapons damages). It feels cooler, I instantly see a one digit result, and if I'm unlucky to roll a 1, I am obliged to roll again (since you can't get a 1 on 2D6).

  12. This starter set + Keepers screen and you got yourself a sweet deal of 5 awesome adventures to run your player over… I mean play with them 😛

  13. Great review and Thumbs up on your mention. I've watched all of your videos and even modified some of your DM tricks with some I've used in the past. What template do you use for your End Card? I really like the layout.

  14. That's a good shout by Chaosium, well deserved Seth, your channel is a treasure (non-cursed variant)

  15. Congratulations & thanks to Chaosium in recognizing your contributions to the hobby.

    I only saw the movie back on VSH and watching your reviews got me intrigued. This starter is a great stepping stone to dive in for a spin.

  16. i was getting ready to defend the art work – i love the almost quaint line work to early RPG art in this vein… but the new stuff is so much more effective

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