Brutal Doom v20 Official Trailer

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Maps not from the Starter Pack or IWADs featured on this video are from Hell Revealed (1:19), Scythe 2 (3:06) , Going Down (2:40).


  1. The melee finishers and Doomguy talking are still as cringy and weak as ever. Whoever thought adding those was cool should just "fuck yourself".

  2. Когда в брутал дууме лучше расчлененка чем в последнем.лол.

  3. So much blood…too much to drink

    Love coming back to this trailer for the sheer amount of rip and tear it has compared to doom 2016 and doom eternal. Bethesda just can’t stop ruining good IPs can they?

  4. If I ever can time travel, I’m going to get a laptop and go back to December 11, 1993, take the laptop to ID Software and show them this game, saying “hey guys I got the shareware last night. Tinkered around with it and made this.”

  5. "The only thing I think about now is.. what if… when we released Doom, we actually released Brutal Doom?" (laughs). We would have destroyed the gaming industry, I think. Brutal Doom is hilarious."
    – John Romero

    That's all you need to know.

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