Bloodborne – Top Ten CosPlays! (10)

What famous characters and figures can be made in Bloodborne? Turns out more than you might expect!
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  1. I do a cosplay of Van Helsing that’s pretty easy to replicate. Gascoigne’s hat and the charred hunter garb

  2. I know this video is old ass, but still:
    – Squidward without the squid build isn't squidward. The pimp cane doesn't fit.
    – So many cool builds! Priscilla was the best for me.
    – Joker did his job 10/10.

  3. You can see he doesnt know Silent Hill. Doesnt know its a series not just a singular game and Pyramid head is in SH2 and the picture you put and the cosplay is based on the film version of Silent Hill 1.

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