Blizzard Cosplay Contest at gamescom 2016

Watch the best cosplayers from Europe compete for the grand prize – including a ticket to BlizzCon to compete in the Grand Championship! Visit
The world’s largest interactive entertainment trade fair is coming back to Cologne, Germany from August 17-21, 2016! Don’t miss any of the highlights and news from the Blizzard booth at gamescom.
— Jury welcomed on stage 03:47 Aaron Keller (Overwatch), Hamilton Chu & Peter Whalen (Hearthstone), Kaéo Milker (Heroes of the Storm)
— Cosplay begins at 05:18 with Daniela as Kerrigan
— Top 10 Best Cosplays 36:42
— Top 3 Cosplay Contest Winners, announced by Aaron Keller (Overwatch) 48:45
— Winner! 51:28

On-demand replays of the live stream are available after the event on our gamescom playlist:


  1. the Warlock should have been  first…  definitly the best costume of all…  How can't she even get placed? this is ridiculous

  2. I can't say wich was the best Cosplay… most of them where amazing for me.. for example the d3 deamonhunter.. ore zaryafrom Ow… extremely Technikly edvanced….. Kompliment to all of them..

  3. They were not allowed to bring their weapons on scene? Sorta makes the costumes feel… incomplete… Hope this rule does not persist at blizzcon

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