Blizz KILL Major Shooter & MOBILE Game, Overwatch 2 PVE & Diablo 4 At Blizzcon 2019 | The Next Era

Blizzard have decided to cancel two game projects – a battlefield like shooter set in the Starcraft universe and an unknown mobile game, all to focus in on Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4.

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  1. They should just put out another remaster or remake, that seems to be the trend nowadays. We don't quite know what we want to focus on, soooooooo here's a game that came out 15+ years ago.

  2. Star Craft? Never heard of her…Is that some kinda anime chick or something? Like Sailor Moon?

  3. 👏 Can 👏 we 👏 get 👏 a 👏 Diablo 👏 MMO 👏 like 👏 they 👏 did 👏 with 👏 Warcraft 👏

  4. Please, make Diablo 4 playable offline. For the love of God, give us that at the very least after that mobile dumpster fire

  5. The quality of bliz games has gone down significantly over the past 10 years: no story, all micro-transactions, and girly 3d graphics.

  6. They did say they were moving developers away from projects into mobile. This means they realized it was a bad move and now they are going back to their bread and butter. I won't really buy another bliz game till it has been released for at least a half a year.

  7. Blizzard needs to die so that other studios fear the same fate by crossing gamers. Micro transactions, loot boxes, flare? Those are staples of an industry that needs to die.

  8. Hearing they cancelled a piece of shit mobile game to focus on REAL games made me PROFOUNDLY happy. I've pretty much lost all hope that mobile games can be anything more than predatory, manipulative, shallow games, particularly after playing the despicably greedy Elder Scrolls Blades. I'm just crossing my fingers from here on out that the loot box bill passes, mobile game developers have been running rampant and it's time their manipulative practices are outlawed. Anyway, good job Blizz, that's the smartest move you've made since Blizzcon 2018 cancelling whatever stupid game it was.

  9. Can you imagine spending 2 years of your life on a project, just to have someone come in and say it's all canceled? You might as well just drop the mouse and walk out at that point

  10. Why do we need an Overwatch 2? Overwatch is still new. Why not Bring SC FPS out? SC players plus Overwatch players would be all over that. Me as a Warcraft player would play SC FPS game. BFA Fucking sucks.

  11. Blizzard Entertainment: We were working on a poject for the Starcraft universe but it seems the Starcraft universe is not successfull so we start to work on a new poject for our more successfull universe of Overwatch.


  12. they're shifting resources over to the diablo franchise makes no sense. The fanbase has been completely gutted. PoE blows D3 out of the water, winning over most of their fanbase, and what remained jumped ship when immortals was announced. They would have to be willing to adopt a similar ongoing support system that GGG use, which their activision corporate overlords will deny them.

  13. You think they will replace ow for ow2, no matter what community says about the game, it’s esports is very developed and watched which makes money rolling?

  14. Cancelled Starcraft FPS that was said to be like & as big as Battlefield makes me hate Activision Blizzard even more. They're not doing themselves any favours for their reputation. :S

  15. its so sad when you expect at least a decent product from such a massive and well funded group of devolopers and creators along with all the talent they have over time purchased that waste away on projects that either become canceled or undermined. Even worse is when companies take over existing projects and completely change the layout of the game or gameplay and focus on things they see importatnt rather than what its player base does… cough…cough…cough Daybreak Games…. it should have just let EQ run as it had been set up too along with just put out the content and Expansions that us as players had known the line up of upcoming expansions. EQ is # 2 of the origonal big 2 Ultima online, Everquest and Asheron's Call with EQ being the most succesfull by far and winning most succesfull MMORPG 5 years in a row but now after sony selling to daybreak its in the worst decline its ever seen since creation in 1999.. lol sorry bout the rant

  16. Keep up that good reporting. I find you to be an amazing, intelligent person who has really found his niche in life. Have some milk and cookies! @622ish "by nancies"? lmao

  17. overwatch 2 – split playerbase, great idea blizztards. Overfail will still use the same failure of a matchmaking system they had in heroes of the storm and overwatch and world of warcraft pvp. 1 side will steamroll the other side. If you end up on steamrolling side 3 times in a row they will throw you into the losing side 3 times in a row.

  18. Blizz, give the people what they want! We need more gay/bisexual/transexual characters! No wait. That ain't it. We want good games again. None of this mobile crap.

  19. Starcraft FPS cancelled? What a waste 😔

    I was thinking having like a World of Warcraft style. Imagine going inside a Command Center or a Nexus. Weeeeew 😉

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