Best Marvel Cosplay – Comic Con 2017

The best Marvel Cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 at the Marvel Cosplay Costume Contest. The costumes at Comic Con are always amazing and this video features some of the best on display at the Marvel booth during their annual Cosplay contest. I was quite impressed by the Giant Hulkbuster.. I’m not even sure how he got that gigantic costume to the convention center! I really enjoyed the McAvengers too! Now that is some creativity in that set of costumes! Of course there were the always represented Spiderman & Captain America costumes. I always find it funny to see pairs of slightly unique cosplay, for example there were two “Lady” Deadpools.

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  1. 2:18

    Spider-Man! Spider-Man!

    Does Whatever a Spider Can!

    Oh No! It’s Getting Dark!

    I Don’t Feel Good Mr. Stark!

    Look Out!

    Here Comes the Spider-Man!

  2. The cosplays were really good but I find some of the puns really cheesy and annoying and the judges were so edgy

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