Battlefield V VS. Battlefield 1 – Attention To Details

BFV is a really good game but I thought I would compare the details between Battlefield V and Battlefield 1 and see how far the engine has come in the time between releases.

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Battlefield 1 vs Battlefield V – Attention To Details
Battlefield 1 vs Battlefield V – Attention To Details
Battlefield 1 vs Battlefield V – Attention To Details
Battlefield 1 vs Battlefield V – Attention To Details
Battlefield 1 vs Battlefield V – Attention To Details
battlefield 5 gameplay


  1. I’d love to know what you think about these clips. IMO Battlefield V feels a little rough around the edges, likes it not quite finished yet. Saying that, I can’t stop playing it so I’m confused!

  2. Wait I realize something for the part with breathing in snow maps its breaths in battle field 1 but and it doesn't breath battle field v well later in the vedio its breaths in a snow map

  3. Is it just me or why does BFV has not as slippery controls as BF1 in my opinion? I mean to me it was pretty obvious that the movement was quite screwed up considering I was a true fan of BF4 as well back then. So to wrap this up I would say that the handling of controls in BFV is way closer to BF4 than BF1, and I am glad that they have done it like that. Please let me know what you think. I would appreciate that. Ah yeah, and sorry that I have forgotten to mention that I am actually a console player.

  4. i dont think it would matter much if you closed your eye or not when aiming. i was told to keep both eyes open so you can see better

  5. the 1 eye close made me laugh dunno why it was funny .. and well done i didnt even notice these details during gameplay and im playing this shit alot xD

  6. The reason why yo character didnt react to the grenade cause u threw it and he knew u threw it its more realistic if a enemy throws it heel panic duhh

  7. I think BF1 is a way better game. I wish they made the BR mode for BF1 instead of 5. There’s like
    No guns in 5 compared to 1.. you can tell 5 was just rushed out, and they payed more attention to pleasing SJW’s and the casuals who complained about everything being too OP when they just weren’t as good cause they didn’t play much, than detail in the game. BF1 for the win, I’ll stick by that any day. The explosions were way more intense, I loved everything about that game.

  8. bro you are denying all the laws of physics, why would a water in the swamp fill the hole as much as a sea? also the character does panic when an enemy grenade is thrown

  9. Tbh battlefield 1s emersion was so good like it sounded like war, and battlefield 5 just sounds like a few gun shots every so often .

  10. You can see your breath in bf5 all know that and the soldier will panic from the grenade and the smoke will budge

  11. 1= performance 60fps medium, 5= 40fps medium , the graphics isn't soo diferent is a lot shust a lot of course a lot superior in V , I bought the V and I can say that the 1 and V are similar , I prefer 1 but buy the premium if you buy the standar in V you don't enjoy the online.

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