Battlefield V: Official GeForce RTX Trailer

Experience the unparalleled realism of REAL-TIME ray tracing in Battlefield V, powered by the ultimate performance of GeForce RTX. Battlefield will never be the same.

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  1. I have amd 520
    Help me by subbing or something else my dream is to be a gamer like ninja and I have over 100 wins by playing in 28 to 33 fps with spikes

  2. я думаю что ради красивого отражения в лужице, не стоит платить 60 – 100 тысяч…

  3. what a joke, overhyped and underwhelming, just the way they like to make money I guess. Nah, I'm skipping this gen for sure!

  4. all the vast advances your creation has made genuinely had created a work of art in a high action marvel of a first person shooter unlike seen before

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