Battlefield V – Elites: Hanna Delacroix | PS4

Say Bonjour to the new Elite Hanna Delacroix. She comes with themed cosmetics, character voiceovers, unique poignard weapon, and exclusive Special Assignment.

Rated Mature: Blood, Strong Language, Violence


  1. manefin 90% of women would not be able to take the experience of war let alone the 10% that can would not be able to correctly carry gear, fight, and fully train to be on par with a male counterpart. Women would just become cannon fodder and be killed far more than men on the battlefield. This would mean more casualties for the country and the men would constantly have to be bailing the women out of a fight or running into fire to save them. They’re not warriors they’re nurtures.

  2. У нее вообще есть инстинкт самосохранения?! Как же повезло что вторая пуля промеж глаз не легла!

  3. They're showing the men running and hiding while she stood there to make women look tough.

    What i got from this trailer is that men are smart and women are slow in the brain.

  4. So? EA please stop producing garbage and scripted products to the market and use some creativity with reality just like in the 2000's.

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