Battlefield V (BETA) vs Call of Duty: WWII | Direct Comparison

A graphical side-by-side of BFV and COD: WWII. In this video, we’ll look at textures, weapon models, lighting, special effects, and weapon sounds.

I’ll make an updated video when BFV officially releases, and am open to suggestions for future content regarding these titles.


  1. Call of duty has a better campaign
    Battlefield V has better graphics and multiplayer
    But I still like cod because it has zombies, I play zombies with my friends and it's fun.
    But battlefield is very cool too. I prefer battlefield

  2. If you've ever fired a bolt action rifle in real life, they do in fact have massive muzzle flash. Extremely high velocity projectiles with huge powder charges.

  3. Battlefield 5 has advanced lightning?
    Hmm…do you think if I add Crappy ReShade to BF 3,lightning will be better than CoD WW2 with its PBR,PBS,SSLR,volumetric lightning and GTAO ambient occlusion?

  4. Winner BFV! COD wwii really disappointed me. The gameplay in multiplayer is way too fast. It's plays noth smooth at all. It was also verry expensive too: I payer €100,- for the game and all the expansions. The expansions are not evrry special. The are just as bad as the main game itself.
    I hope BFV will come with more maps in the future.

  5. dumbass the casing in bf is most realistic its the fact that cod makes wespons shoot faster that the coil is already wound

  6. So here is all bf5 fanboys
    Just for sound and graphics are stupid ww2 vs bf5 Im going to getting a lot of hate for this but here we go.
    1. Campaign ww2 is good had swastikas unlike bf5
    2. Ww2 supply drops weren't pay to win i didn't pay a penny and I have nearly all guns
    3. For kids graphics and sound is more important than raw gameplay
    4. Free dlcs is nice but they will put so much pay to win content that they won't matter
    5. Why are we arguing over which games are better
    Can't we just enjoy the games without someone saying cod is dead or for kids and people saying battlefield is dead for real that makes you immature
    All games are better then other in some stuff and the others are better in other stuff
    I play both.

  7. BFV is more realistic, but in terms of campaign WW2 is wayyyy more historically accurate. Like bfv changes a group of Male soldiers to two women so they could be more inclusive which is just pathetic imo.

  8. やっぱりBFシリーズのグラフィックは数あるゲームの中でもトップクラスですね。BFシリーズの最後の長所だからずっと続いてほしい

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