Battlefield 5 vs Medal of Honor Airborne Weapons Comparison

Check out this Battlefield 5 vs Medal of Honor Airborne weapons comparison! Both are WW2 titles. Frostbite vs Unreal Engine 3! Who wins?

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  1. Both games don't do gunsights well, but from two different reasons. Overall, MOH:AB is nearer to reality, with the sight picture, but the front post is artificially held higher than the V-notch. What is worse is that you can't even play MOH:AB, because you can't activate it on Origin (correct me if I am wrong, I tried it a few years back). DICE nerfed the game willingly, however, they could have made it much better than what it ended up as. They made it more challenging with the recoil pattern, but they made it worse with the low damage output, which is truly annoying. However, their greatest failure is the Live Service, which is an epic fail, instead of doing a classic Premium pack (with new weapons, maps, rank increases). I much rather buy Premium than buy elite skins for like 11 Euros, so that the developers keep on adding stuff to the base game. It is a bad business model.

  2. MoH: Airborne sounds realistic, because they recorded the shooting of real weapons and the engine and flying sound of the c47 skytrain, you can watch these werk-videos in the extras next to a lot of other interesting stuff!

  3. Honestly, EA/DICE and not having this shit together currently. DICE Audio engineer/Group – you legit cannot beat those guys. They ALWAYS fucking deliver. Holy fuck!!

  4. Medal of Honor airborn looks a way better than bf,exapt graphic ofcource.But sound,dynamic of shooting,and design of hands,and weapons are better in MOHA.Its fact!!!
    1:34 Wtf,his arm is broken???What wrong wit Dice?Its shame,game 4 children.I prefer to buy serious products….

  5. By far enjoyed medal of honor airborne alot more. That scene where your buddy gets crushed by the tank scared me when I was younger lol

  6. I don't like the thompson with the bolt on top of the gun in both game. Its really less used in the second World War and the bolt at the right side version is much more iconic one.

  7. if you want to play medal of honor allied assault and its 2 expansions and don't already know about mohaa revival I recommend looking into it you get mohaa and the 2 expansions and patches for multiplayer. there still are quite a bit of servers and a good number of players.

    mostly on mohaa, but on the other 2 aswell, depending on time of day etc too. mostly count down and freeze tag servers on breakthrough, not much people play TDM. but there is a tdm server on mohaa that's highly active. still fun.

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