Battlefield 5 Vs Battlefield 1 – Attention to detail

Battlefield 5 Vs Battlefield 1 – Attention to detail

In this Video i compared details between battlefield 1 and battlefield 5 . I am huge fan of both of these games .These details do not make one game better than the other .

I am not good in English . I may made some mistake sorry for that.

Thanks for watching.

COD: modern warfare VS Battlefield 4 graphic comparison:

PC Specification:

CPU : i5 7600K
GPU : RX 480 8GB
RAM : 16GB Corsair vengeance 3000mhz
Motherboard : MSI Gaming M3
HDD : 2 TB
Case : Zalman Z11 Neo
Monitor : Asus VG245H
Keyboard: Corsair K70 Rapidfire
Mouse : logitech G502


  1. But what about the bolts on the guns moving in the third-person view, including the reloads in third-person? A lot of developers cop out on details like that and it makes the characters look like bad actors playing make-believe instead of real soldiers.

  2. Battlefield 1 felt so much more real and scary, made you panicked and awesome when you were racking up lots of kills. It was so ahead of its time in my eyes and will forever be one of my favourite games ever made

  3. Is it me, or does Battlefield 1 have BETTER LIGHTNING & GRAPHICS than Battlefield V? Because, the predecessor game of Battlefield 1 did not outbeat it. Did EA & DICE like just rushed to make a release, because they saw the hype & love for BF1 or IS IT EA ACCESS DIGITAL GAMES that has this problem? ( I even have a 4k TV) or am I getting to old at 21 to realize some graphics are pixelated?

  4. Yeah man, I have no idea how they managed to fuck up BFV so badly. BF1 is better in nearly every fucking way. Half the shit you say doesn't happen in BF1 actually does when you run at higher than a toaster settings mate.

  5. Since Battlefield is mainly focused on Multiplayer, it's these details and a collection of them, that EA has crammed into the game, that cause performance issues.

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