Battlefield 5: New Rotterdam Multiplayer Gameplay! (Battlefield V)

New Battlefield 5 Multiplayer Gameplay on New Map Rotterdam coming in the Beta on September 4th for Early Access.
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►Gameplay recorded with an Elgato HD60

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If you got this far. You are AWESOME!

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  1. This map is sick! Loving it so far. Full impressions coming tomorrow. Make sure to turn on notifications and check the channel again shortly.. may upload another video or two =P Drop a like if you're hyped!

  2. I saw Battlefield V advertisement about this map in actual Rotterdam a few days ago. Didn't even know this city was presented in the game. Interesting.

  3. I have never played any realistic war games but i have played a lot of other shooting games like pubg, csgo and fortnite. So my question is what war game should i get. I have no budget

  4. Wtf is up with the lighting? why soo bright? And indeed,,, why is the gameplay so fast? I dont get it

  5. A war game with gameplay only the best can crreate it You haters need to think abit and look at all the Amazing thing s that are made for å reason that is to make smart people happy

  6. Looks as boring as Battlefield one i canceled my EA Access because of this trash.I never thought i would hate Battlefield but so sick and tired of these goddamn WW games.Everyone was asking for Bad Company 3 but EA just gave us this trash .No thanks i am done with Battlefield until a modern one comes out

  7. This game is just weird, something is off about it. It just seems like it wants to be a fast paced, high jumpy, wall runny, superfast game like COD:AW/BO3/IW but in the style of WW2. It just looks awkward. It almost looks like Bad Company in a sort of way a little bit but I can't quite put my finger on what's weird about it. Anyone else feel the same way?

  8. Where are the kill streaks? Really boring just running around killing capturing flags. Wished and hope they make a Royal Mode in their next game. BO4 sucks with it’s recycled maps… A sin charging full price for a recycled game.

  9. It looks like cod on a bigger scale… Doesn't even look like battlefield. But I guess I'm just not educated enough to understand.

  10. I totally agree with everyone else here. The game play is way too fast. The game looks amazing but unfortunately I won't be buying it after seeing this. I like real world movement, not teen spawn kill games.

  11. You move too fast. It seems like you play as that chick from mirrors edge. Game also has way different feel than other BF games. It looks like you dont need any help from your team to achieve victory.

  12. I have put 10 hours into the Beta along with my friend. This feels nothing like Battlefield. Do you remember how Bad Company 2 felt, and then you tried the Battlefield 3 beta? It was way different but in an acceptable way. Now the game has changed again, and it feels different. The guns and the gameplay kind of handles like a Call of Duty game, and that is not the feeling I want to have when I play a Battlefield game made by DICE. This game will lead people into playing a lot more aggressive going on a killing spree than focusing on objectives. My hopes have shifted into another upcoming game, World War 3.

    Also how DICE has been marketing this game, and their responses to the community is making me puke in my mouth.

  13. Gotta say liking the look generally but…it's just too fast for battlefield.
    Recently I kind of had it as R6 for slow, battlefield for medium and dirty bomb or Cod for fast but battlefield seems to be drifting into the quick zone and I don't like that.
    Plus that TTK is WAY to quick for me. How the hell are you supposed to be able to react if someone gets the drop on you? That's why I liked BC2, if someone got the drop on you you were probably screwed but if you were good/lucky enough you could still win. Looks like this way if someone gets you glancing the other direction you're just fucked.

  14. And plus me being an old school man where we have learned about both world wars in school and I'm a big world war one and world war two guy I urge every body especially younger to look up world war two documentaries on YouTube and learn about it don't listen to the designers of battlefield v they are playing female soldiers off in the British military infantry units as accurate and it's not

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