Battlefield 5: NEW PLANE with a 4,000lb BOMB! – Mosquito MK VI

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Battlefield 5’s new British medium bomber unlock – the Mosquito MK VI – came with a nice surprise in its unlock tree… a 4,000lb bomb! This will finally give the British a viable AT plane and the second tech tree with 2x 500lb bombs and rocket pods looks promising as well. Let’s take a look!

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  1. Great video, thank you. I’m at the job-from-Hell. Watching this makes me want to be at home, playing B5 and inflicting casualties. 🖖

  2. In real life the mosquito is made out of wood which made it one of the most maneuverable planes in ww2 however its not in ea’s nature to be historically accurate

  3. Bombs away… i despise good bomber pilots when they are on the other team. You dudes fuck me!! Lol i have no idea how you do it either. Anytime I try and fly, I get shot down instantly or crash into the ground.

  4. That’s actually backward. The bomb was above you and the cannon below you. The bomb took the bf 109 and the cannon got the AA

  5. I pray that I will finally become a beginner to any Battlefield game. I’ve been playing for 7 years

  6. I cant even play this game doesnt have enough servers on orgins and they always have terrible ping and lag is so bad for me on pc its unplayable

  7. They need to have a tank/air superiority mode that combines them both and has ZERO infantry. I think it would work better than just plain tank superiority or air superiority

  8. Mosquito a bomber….that is funny .. it was everything but a bomber yes it carried some.. but mosquitos were mainly for intercepting and striking

  9. I dunno why I'm on a 3 month old video but for the life of me I can't bomb. I can run around getting 60+ kills with a soldier, or do anything that anybody else can in a tank. Camp spawn and get 50 kills why not, or go aggressive and have decent success. In the air I can even gun down other pilots, but my bombing success rate is like 1% I swear. I use the green circles to line up my shots. I've watched videos on other people do it and seen how and when to release. I look for populated areas. Then I drop my shit and get a hit marker at best. I'd love to know why!

  10. i cant play battlefield anymore. after playing war thunder, i cant feel like i have skill by getting kills in a plane or tank, its just so arcady

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