Battlefield 5: (BREAKTHROUGH IS THE BEST GAMEMODE) Battlefield 5 Multiplayer Gameplay

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  1. Just quit 7 matches in a row because my team doesn’t understand the concept of taking points.
    Again my entire team camped outside the flag and made no attempt to capture any angle. They don’t understand what the objective is here.
    They just find a nice safe spot to shoot from. Smh 🤦‍♀️ what a waste

  2. By far the only game mode worth playing, this and squad conquest when the snipers and shotgunners flood breakthrough.

    The sad part is this game mode is ruined by 60% snipers and the rest shotguns. What a fucking disgrace.

    Please do not join a breakthrough game if you are a sniper or if you have no desire to PTFO.

    Battlefield by far has the most non objective players I’ve ever seen. Even the fags laying down the whole match. At least you can lay down inside the point.

    Countless times when our team is running low when attacking or even about to lose our points, I NEVER SEE MY TEAM RUSH THE POINT. You people are worthless in war and wouldn’t have made it out of boot camp. Jesus, people who are scared to die in a video game. No team sense at all. If this was real war you would be shot in the leg before we entered the battlefield.

  3. Had first breakthrough on panzerstorm,,,holy smokes ,now thats some frontline action, 2 ends of the fields,, was fun, i liked it the best, just had that good mix

  4. Wish I could use my Note 9 as the monitor for my Xbox. Get actual 4K Gameplay. Fucking quality is way better than my "4k" TV.

  5. i love breakthrough. easiest way to level up guns since you can easily go around 40 kills and around 15 deaths. This mode is super easy to rack up hella kills without dying. Eveeryone is just sitting at the same spot and there are too many people on your team for the enemy to only focus on you

  6. I don't know how to get positive on these modes. I get shot from all angles. I can't even peek somewere and i'm already death. I never can run around like you ppl do. I don't know why so frustrating.

  7. I actually think it's one of the worst game modes. Some maps feel like a cluster fuck on capture points.

  8. The only maps I prefer conquest on are Arras, Twisted Steel, Hamada and PanzerStorm. PanzerStorm being my favorite map in the game. I hope they. Add more maps similar to that design. The map is huge, the objectives aren’t clustered, the “action zone” in the middle of the map feels farther apart than the entirety of maps like Rotterdam and deviststuon.

  9. If there's anyone I could squad up with, that don't mind a mediocre player, I'm Xbox, GT is whodat2980, I play the objective!

  10. Man I wish I could squad up with guys who actually play objectives, I'm on Xbox, so sick of getting paired up with people who don't do shit

  11. I do like breakthrough a lot, lately tho because the fking mastery assigments aren't a walk in the park anymore and requite a high numbers of kills either per life or round, I've been playing grand operations in which one round is literally the hole 2 maps which makes things easier, not a bad mode, tho some parts I don't enjoy much. I also like Frontlines quite much, except for the search and destroy end part. Conquest has as of now become a more sporadic mode I play some times, but only on select maps that are not too big to strech the playerbase thin throughout.
    Finally I'd like to point out how the starters for Narvik, Hamada and Rotterdam are complete trash for attackers. Like fucking garbage design with little cover and not enough ways to circunvent defense.

  12. yo JROB love the video fam. My first game of BFV i went 21-4 and the whole time i was thinking. WHAt would JROB do? so thanks cuz i really have learned off your playstyle and how to stay alive fam. so again thx : )

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