1. Battlefield is realistic more than call of duty
    Call of duty action is so over made and have Rambo style

  2. The video is proof that in REAL situations your tank would have been destroyed several times and as infantry you would have died at least 5 times.

  3. فقط اونجاش باحاله تانکاشون راکت میخوره ولی منفجر نمیشن ولی تانکای ایرانی با دو تا موشک میرن هوا اخه کسشعر ساختنم حدی داره سربازاشونم که نمیرن 😁😁😁😂

  4. If I didn't knew I would say that this game is a 2019 game.

    Makes me feel sad how dice just stop making good games after This one and just did the same thing a little worst than the last time just imagine if the battlefield franchise would have improved after this one, we could have a game that features 62 v 62 players and a destruction way better and realistic than what we could have imagined in our wildest dreams, but that means minimum 2 or 3 years of development and not the 8 months that EA currently allows

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