Battlefield 2142 is Revived – Play now for Free (BF2 as well)

Battlefield 2142 and 2 are back after official servers closed and completely free from the BF2 and BF2142 Revive project. Sign up here for an account and download the launcher to get in on the action completely FREE! – for Battlefield 2142 and for Battlefield 2

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  1. Bf2142 is the best. But it's gone. No one playing. Hopefully dice fixes all their legacy battlefields. Or they make a new 2143. By the way bf2142 is laggy. It always was. It's not lag per say. It has to do with the titans moving. Just ignore that

  2. just watching this, omg. it just feels like home being in bf2142. the maps and game are one of the most satisfying games i ever played. imagine this in 4k and updated graphics, omg. also the mp way of playing. you gain friends, no matter what. with this game. group or single, you choose. and voip and tasking and amazing sound and etc… this is the best shooter ever made. EA sucks. VALVE should take this over with their MIllions of users.

  3. why not reboot this instead of the battlefield 1 and battlefield V owe man wish you can do the same damage as the others EA get your head strait.

  4. The real last Battlefield game was Battlefield 4, but yes, this is the greatest Battlefield game ever. Probably the ultimate in mech warefare even.

  5. This was absolutely great! Great maps that you could fly in, have ground vehicle battles in, and also play close quarter infantry fights in. Everyone played a needed role, and EVERYTHING on the battlefield had a countermeasure = perfectly balanced. Everything from BF series since then has been a dissapointment, maybe except for BFBC2. I really miss this game, and I think that if you buy a game, and put in like 600 hours in it, the game developer/company should have an obligation to keep it running as long as it has a fanbase – and then make it possible for the fanbase to keep it going if there is enough interest. Now they release games that should be kept in Beta test trials for another year, the games never get finished, and are abandoned before that because they are already launching yet a new game. Bring back BF2142!!!

  6. titan mode was revolutionary tbh, don't know why they didn't do a clone of that and have big ass zeppelins in that ww1 reskin

  7. 2142 wasn't too bad, i found it hard to stop playing BF2 and its 3 addons for a long time, project reality could have been awesome if EA had have put a little more effort into it.

  8. I played a demo for BF2 and I was impressed, so I asked dad to get it for me for Christmas. I was really looking forward to it. I didn't specify that I wanted it for PC.

    Come Christmas, instead of a wide PC box, I'm confronted with a PS2 case. WTH? I look at it: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Yep, the Call of Duty "console-spinoff with the same number" syndrome strikes again. And of course the game didn't feel at all like the PC game. In fairness, the game grew on me. I despised basically all the missions the first time through, but got much better. So I ended up playing it a lot, and appreciating that they tried to tell an actual story.

    My feeble child brain was unable to figure out the adapter needed an ethernet cable attached to the router.

    What I'm trying to say in this ramble is that I feel like I missed out on BF in general. I didn't play 2, 2142, Bad Company 2, 3, or 4. I played Bad Company and that was it. I just don't know why. I see montages, and player tips and the games look so damn fun. I'd like to see a 2143, but I think COD made people sick of the futuristic setting.

    Are there any servers for 2142?

  9. I hope they are still working on 2143. If I remember correctly there was an Easter egg in a battlefield 3 on one of the maps. A little floating ship was tucked in a hidden location in one of maps. OMG I hope it's still a thing, I love the future, Call of Duty just did it too mich at one time.

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