1. God i remember watching this 11 years ago! Still on of my favorites. The nostalgia hits hard on this one. I miss BF2 great times! It was amazing to play with you if you were there too!

  2. Its because of videos like this that I went to film school. Hopefully one day I can create something that will leave a lasting impression like this did on me.

  3. I remember the good days of machinima days this and also when halo 3 came out and theater mode gave way to huge amounts of funny content for people on the xbox. WE NEED TO GO BACK XD

  4. Almost 12 years later, and I still make time to watch this when I'm in the mood. Not much brings a tear to my eye like this video can…

  5. 2017 watched it when i was 16 (2006) long time ago …for me it all started with this video and this game ….ahhh good old times where are you now? =/

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