Battlefield 1: The Comeback is On

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  1. Battlefield 1 captures moments of realization of where you come to think about your respawns as actual men going into battlefield. The chokepoints makes me feel those trench stand offs of just bombarding the enemy with grenades. When you melee someone and instantly look up to off another predecessor. The atmosphere and possibilities are what make this game.

  2. I’ve had battlefield 1 since the first month and I still play it at least 5-6 days a week to this days for hours. That’s how fun it is. Never gets old. I’ve had the wildest moments on this game. Met some good friends too 👍

  3. Is it just me or does this game actually look better graphically than bfv? Maybe it’s just bfv’s bright lighting but this game is seriously gorgeous, even on console.

  4. 2:58 i disagree it is about skill after 1600 hours of bf 1 it was mostly me in this situations who pushed the whole team. Most of the other players are not able to handle the situation or they just camp with the sentri kits.

  5. Shepard:I HAVE ENOUGH OF YOUR SJW PROPAGANDA AND YOUR MICROTRANSACTIONS! “Punchs BF5 in the face”. BFV:HOW DARE YOU! I shall tell my buyers about this!

  6. I'm the only person that thinks bfv is the worst bf of all and bf1 and bf3 are masterpieces?

  7. If this game had Xbox players I'd play it every day, but the hassle of having no server options and only matchmaking into empty sessions drives me crazy

  8. This game holds a special place in my heart. I have so many memories in this game and I just get a warm feeling when I see people still making videos on it.

    Also fuck BFV

  9. Thank you for not being that YouTuber that forces you to like and subscribe and enter in a fake giveaway that just takes up 90% of the video you just got right into the action thank you

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