Battle For Azeroth Story Catch-up / Recap – World of Warcraft

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Battle For Azeroth Story Catch-up / Recap – World of Warcraft

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  1. Ya know, I was just wondering something. How were Horde Demolishers, etc. able to burn down the Teldrasil when Deathwing's fire didn't touch it?

  2. When your actions as warchief can turn Saurfang, a warrior who is willing to sacrifice everything for the horde, against you and your people…. you’ve really screwed up. If I was for the horde under silvannas before, I’d be against her now.

  3. "Does the alliance know about this?"
    "He he he, don't worry, I got people on it."

    "The alliance found out about this-"

  4. Sylvanas is probably my favorite character, but she was wrong to burn the tree…"but in the end…death clams use all" 😔…😈🔥🌳🔥

  5. Listen everyone, here what the end plot of battle for azaroth and who made Sylvanas warcheft should be. The void wants Sylvanas's soul but each time she has die she has been resurrected by her followers. So the void lord knew the only way to possess her soul permanently was to have the mortal races destroy all her resources. So they devised a plan where they'd tell vol'gin in his dying breath that she would need to become warcheft if the horde were to survive the legion. That way, when she started her own agenda she would cause so much havoc the mortal races would have to unite to defeat her and destroy everything she possesses that way when she dies this time, she would be dead for good. If you like my idea please like and share it and help make blizzard aware of it.

  6. I lack the words to describe how disappointed I am about the turn of events. Sylvanas burning the world tree is only very, very last straw. When Vol'jin made her his successor I was hoping for a redemption story, and we got the diametral opposite. On top of that it renders Vol'jin's last words bullshit, whatever the explanation supposedly is. Besides, how many times are we going to be fed the same "twist"? It's Garosh Hellscream all over again and it was tiresome the first time around. I know many people are "pumped" about the new expansion and I understand why people love this game, but I for my part can only say:" Fuck this game, I'm done."

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