Arknights game review – My new favorite mobile game

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Anime tower defense game made by the formder director of Girl’s Frontline, sounds pretty good to me XD. Can’t wait for the global release on Winter 2019.

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  1. I started to play this game recently and already love this game a lot… just waiting for more videos o

  2. so far this game prove to be consider good, i am a player around lv65, only one thing is crucial DON'T UNDER ESTIMATE 3 STAR CHARACTER, they only cost in game currency no extra class chips or item is needed.

  3. I'm not really a fan of the gameplay (and TD in general) but the artstyle is pretty similar to GFL (same main artist iirc) and looks like it'll have decent story, so I'm excited for this.
    After Yostar announced they'll published this game for EN, I become super excited.

  4. Actaully, the most interesting point for me in Arknights is the story. Indeed the main story seems quite simple. However, you could check more and more backgroud stories of each charactor in the game along with you building relationship with your charactors gradually. The whole background of Tailand should be called to be kind of huge. And till now we still don't know the true identity of us doctors. Moreover, quite many things which are hiden by Amiya are still unknown. Many secrects are also hiden in the illustrations of each charactor. It's quite interesting to find out more and more details and clues in the game.

  5. I just wanna say that being one of the first players of this game, I really enjoyed it throughout my experience. Because I'm Chinese, many of my friends play it too. This game is the best game I've ever seen from a brand new company and I can see it improving on. I hope in the future I can see more levels in it.

  6. Is there a chance that the EN version will implement the censor version of specific skins, like Prinz Eugen's bikini skin from Azur Lane? I never played Azur Lane in the EN version but I saw Prinz Eugen bikini skin has included with a jacket just to make her body less revealing. Therefore, just in case if Arknigths future patch will implement swimsuit skins, I'll decide whether I'll switch to either JP or EN version.

  7. I want to start playing this and take a break from AL but man it's a lot to take in. Especially since it's not in english

  8. Whether you like a game like this, you should not miss the PV of this game. Especially PV1, truely breathtaking.

    There are tons of easter eggs hidden in this game, for some of you this will be a great fun. For example, there are binary codes hidden in the last scene of PV1, part of PV2, and the photo in the main-story quest interface after finishing main story stages. And the furnitures obtained when finishing some hard mode stages contain some mysterious messages.

  9. try last origin gameplay its like girls front line I think but with ahem “thicc lewd artstyle” tbh I thought it was a hentai game from nutaku when I saw some gameplay vids at first lol

  10. The auto mode is not always exactly the same. It repeats your move almost the same but with some input time differences.
    That means sometimes you may find the auto system not doing well, and ended up with 2 star.

  11. Heads up Gacha is not forgiving. Oh and join both the fan discord and the official discord, Lots of crazy shit goes down especially on the fanmade discord and a lot of us there would be happy to welcome and help a AK youtuber into the fray.

    I'm on Bilibili, feel free to use my E2 Lapp and BP: Havok#6439

  12. In front of absolute strength any strategy is useless.
    That's why Saitama is bored.

    Having OP units makes life easier but at a cost of enjoyment being dwindled.

  13. I'd like to try this but I feel like I'd be playing too many daily games at that point, what with playing AL and GFL as well.

  14. Tower Defense is a genre i really like but don't play many games of since i stick to RPGs and Roguelikes all the time, so i'm definitely going to pick the game up, thank you for the great review of the game

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