Anti-Maisha Haven Cleansing the Ladder – Shadowverse More Like Portalverse

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  1. I see people running shadowcraft with danua and apostle of silence to counter the puppet. What do you think guys. New minotaur is also good addition if it runs reanimate.

  2. ohhh man, this won't end well, looking at the 2nd player, it's not a perfect counter, we will see one of noah in every maisha destruction portal now

  3. Tbh now haven, especially in unli, is definitely the anti fun of this game. Barongs, stalling, etc and only counter is another haven or midshadow.

  4. This makes me happy.

    Really don't know what cygames was thinking with Maisha. Everyone was complaining about Anne sorcery and they just printed another one that doubled as card draw on a vanilla body in the early game. Sure sure.

  5. Lol true genial deck, i love this brilliant lol. I swear by the god, this is 100% winrate deck against ladder lol, 'cause the portalcraft is so evil thing and this heaven deck is like a beam of light in the world of darkness.

    (Yes, but no.)

  6. How to counter counter this ? Silva, cocytus and mjerrabane says hello. Plus rukina, cuocuoroux , and servant of destruction Instead of puppets. Thas sum good shit.

  7. I apologize but I'm playing Destruction Portal mostly to murder all the Mysteria Rune that I hate with the burning passion of a trillion suns. But it's nice to see a counterdeck like this with Haven. I miss when Haven was the control deck instead of being Lion/Bunny spam.

  8. Aaaah, the joys of an anti-deck. I got so sick of fighting haven in unlimited that I made a runecraft deck just to banish/transform all of the amulets.

    So satisfying when you can pull it off.

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