1. I like how half of the things mentioned/shown in the video isn't on live Aatrox anymore.

    1. When casting The Darkin Blade (Q) in normal cast mode the cast line looked much more appealing and more accurate than what it is in live currently.

    2. Whenever Aatrox casts Infernal Chains (W) the outer thing would light up bright and now it's just a weird box that doesn't even look cool and plus in the video it looks like his Infernal Chains acts twice as faster than the live lvl 5 Infernal Chains.

    3. Umbral Dash (E). When he was announced and came out people complained about his dashes and how he actually had a hard time sticking to his opponents with the dashes, but goody old shoes riot loves to listen and does the opposite of what was required. Now it's a 7 second dash at early levels so good luck keeping up with your combos unless the enemy is a bot or is actually bad at the game.

    4. Umbral dash passive healing was actually so bad that he had very minimal healing before getting Death's Dance. Now that's been removed and honestly it majorly didn't affect him at all because the healing was trash in the first place and hardly noticeable.

    5. He had a different auto animation when hitting a tower, it looked so bad that they got rid of it, 2 patches later it got replaced with his normal basic attack animations.

    6. His ultimate World Ender would actually make Aatrox bigger, now it only gives Aatrox chicken wings which I think are edible so you can feed your opponents.

    7. When casting World Ender (R) there used to be music playing for the remaining duration for the ultimate, sadly that got removed maybe one week later.

    8. When pressing CTRL 5 Aatrox enables or disables his wings if they were enabled. But I don't understand why does it have to be so clunky when enabling and disabling the wings like when you first enable the wings he does 2 skips while walking or jumps in place if standing still and then the wings appear out of nowhere 4 seconds later or if the wings are disabled they just disappear like my dad 3 seconds later, they could've made it like Project Vayne ctrl 5 helmet toggle, Kaisa's helmet toggle and DJ Sona skin toggle.

    Riot could've gave Aatrox more time before releasing him.

    I think we all know that Riot is not proud with this rework and giving him another one or reverting him would look bad so they just made sure that at least he's playable until he was nerfedd to the ground again.

  2. He was alot more fun and fast paced before, now he is just another q spam champ with stupid comments and a wierd voice – sad.
    I used to main him in jungle and have around 500k mastery points in m7 with him, now i dont play him anymore.

  3. ๐Ÿ“‚Documents
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  4. Since you removed his second dash and he also barely have any heal now then we can call this video fake and missleading after the 9.3 patch?

  5. Itโ€™s been months but still why canโ€™t u play and test the game before making decisions. This resembles none of Aatroxโ€™s icon

  6. Plz, revert Aatrox. And not only Aatrox, but Akali and Irelia that are literally cancers to the game. Thank you.

  7. Annnndd. He's banner wings are gone which inspired the people on runeterra to have banners as symbols of their identity! RIP Aatrox! ๐Ÿ˜‡

  8. Riot can you please stop using these silly jokes during the spotlights they ruin the hyp (make him cry with q q q) Really riot really?

  9. It is very annoying to see people say this is just Riven, most champs have their q as their primary ability, w is cc or to set opponents, and e is mostly a dash his ult is is not like riven at all, in fact it is more like nasus and renekton(if you read their lore you will understand it even more) just because the q is a 3 part and his e is a dash doesn't mean he is a riven copy, if your saying that then does that make every champ with a dash on their E a clone of riven? Q is different from riven's q. Riven's q has more mobility and the only knockup is the last part. Aatrox's q has all parts have knockup and the first is a long line second is a reverse pyramid and last part is a circle. Thats all i have to say:)

  10. This is probably the only moba character in all creation that would do well with a Hitoshura or Melchizedek skin
    Too bad it's never going to happen.

  11. If you havent played Rewarked aatrox, apparently his quotes were dumbed down, and apparently he feel a lot like riven now, so i guess he lost his uniqueness in a sense

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