80GB PS3 Unboxing

HQ Link:

Unboxing/Opening my 80GB PS3 with Motorstorm, Lair, and NHL 2K8

PlayStation collection:ps1-ps2-psp-PS3.Also get 5 blu-ray movies for free mail in offer.

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  1. Man I remember seeing this video to pump me up for getting my first ps3, man that system was the shiz back in the day and still is

  2. I was born in 2005 and ps3 was realease in 2006 I was 12 months old and I'm 14 and I love the ps3 more than the PS4. My dad got a ps3 from Best Buy for $400 in 2010. 80g Model CECHL01 I WAS 5 YEARS OLD AT THAT TIME Great memories

  3. Jesus, i remember this in my playlist when i wanted to show my mom how a PS3 looked like for my cousin right before Christmas in 2007. I was 15. Damn, I'm looking at 30 through a barrel. That was fast.

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