6 Reasons You Should Play Heroes of the Storm Right Now

If you’re new to the MOBA genre, here are 6 reasons to play Heroes of the Storm.

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  1. The only thing i hate about Blizzard is its ego. Champions coming from its games, nothing new. I played this game once and i found it clunky tho, but is just my opinion.

  2. tried the game last year boring as hell if i would say and the "badass battleground" also kinda meh in my opinion. well better community than most MOBAs though.

  3. Warning Label! Blizzard HOTS is 100% a rigged hoaxed hacked esport hacked gimmick scam. The entire esport is a rigged hoaxed hacked fraud esport gimmick. Read the class act waiver. It basically means their entire esport is a hacked garbage trash gimmick for the casual/recreational/amateur gamer like its is and always will be. A complete gimmick scam fraud esport gimmick hacked scam. Complete rigged hacked trash fraud esport gimmicking! Definitely the worst epsort of garbage hacked trash I have ever seen in my entire life. Its complete hacked garbage! Activision defines hacked gimmick! I will never buy another game or product of Activision hacked gimmicking!

  4. That is another reason why I stopped, with all these dumb people pushing lanes all game, getting caught out for no reason, etc

  5. One thing I love about this game is I can tell the whole team was given a lot of creative freedom that greatly increases how overall fun the game is whereas many other AAA games have certain bounds the artists and directors have to stay in that really limits the game.

  6. This game is joke and it is a mirror of Blizzards decline as company and gaming indursty.
    They could have remake Dota, instaead they managed to pull of this monstrosity.

  7. I absolutely love this game. The only reason I stopped playing it was because I could never get in a game with other players. I'm pretty sure it was because the servers were too unpopulated, but maybe I'll log back in and see if that's changed!

  8. What makes hots great in my eyes is that there are no template heroes. Like a bruiser needs some skill, cc, movement and some generic ultimate.
    Oh and no need to farm is a huge plus. 🙂

  9. In my opinion, what really separates Heroes from other games like Dota and League is the fact that you don't buy items(inventory) this prevents people from just farming the whole game and encourages teamfights instead of passive lane farming, the battlegrounds also have great influence in drafting and possible hero talent builds

  10. Less characters than LoL but somehow it feels like so many more of them are viable than ever are on LoL. And since there is no item system to balance that means there are never periods where entire groups of characters are unviable just because they build the same item. Shared kill exp seems much better because making sure your carry get the last hit in LoL just seems tedious and unnecessary. Playing this game just made me realize that the item system is LoLs biggest flaw because balancing characters individually instead of collectively allows blizzard to make truly unique playstyles without breaking the game .

  11. I swear. I really TRY my best to love this game. I… just can't… Everything is crap to me. Art style, gameplay, skins, all of them are a hard miss to me.

  12. been having more fun in this game than league…starting to think i only play league because of friends…

  13. I’ve played most of the popular mobas. Heroes is my favorite for a few reasons:

    1. ~20min avg games
    2. No item shop makes each class a definitive role, and not an item based build.
    3. Maps and objective changes for more variety.
    4. Collective team experience weighs team fights and deaths vs. the gains from map objectives. You can have your team die a lot, and still control the battlefield by winning objectives. The maps can completely change focus of team composition.
    5. Original lore characters, not Warcraft knockoffs in dota, or knockoffs of knockoffs in league.

  14. The only real issue I have with this game, is how BAD the player base is at it. Seriously, it's a great game, please come play it and git gud. My sanity depends on you.

  15. I am trapped in doto sorry but if someone can confirm there can be the same experience of roaming earthspirit in this game I will play

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