6 Doom Mods You Should Play

Where have I been? Playing these mods mostly…

And other things of course. More info on that in the video. Hope you all enjoy/enjoyed the video.
The rest of the description is dedicated to a metric ton of links.
If you have any questions for me, please leave a comment.

Mod Pack:

The mod pack includes the following:
Brutal Doom:
Doom: The Golden Souls:
Doom: The Golden Souls 2 (Demo):
Hocus Doom:
Sonic Robo Blast 2:
The Adventures of Square:
Mega-Man 8-bit Deathmatch:

In addition I showed a bit of Chex Quest which isn’t in the mod pack but you can get it here:

The Imp’s Song – Doom (1993)
Boomer Kuwanger – Mega Man X (Reelism)
Daffodil Petals – Toby Fox (Doom: The Golden Souls)
Time Tripping – Hocus Pocus
Greenflower Zone Act 2 – Sonic Robo Blast 2
Welcome to Squaresville – The Adventures of Square
Flash Man – Mega Man 2 (Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch)


Made another Doom video here:

All custom art by Sketchophrenic.

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  1. "You can expect to have a lot of fun with this mod, just don't expect to live long"
    Thanks for reminding me about my inevitable death, I almost forgot.

  2. I didn't expect Mm8bdm to be on this list. I think a lot more people should play it. It doesn't even require you to have Doom.
    Though, you do not play as Mega Man; which is evident by the fact that Mega Man is in the game as another character. You actually play as a character named Maestro, a robot with an unknown creator and purpose.

  3. As of this comment, I'm now playing Golden Souls 2 in its entirety. And I'd say it's better than the first. It's a lot harder than the last one (the bosses take A LOT of trial and error) and it's much longer, too. But still very fun.
    (And as far as I've been into it, there's even some Ocarina of Time and Metroid influence.)

  4. Stop misleading the public. "Wad" is the filetype for ANY doom mod, map, or even sprite change…. WAD doesn't specify maps.
    It is a container file type .Wad

  5. 10:47 | Sadly, the megaman deathmatch is played more than the original doom deathmatch, i said sadly, but not against megaman, but well, if you can play doom online, why not play some deathmatches?! Hahaha… Doom online have few players (people should play more of it, really, its very fun, download zandronum or zdaemon and Internet Doom Explorer to find both servers), so, i could risk to say its pretty active counting the few players that play online Doom, (there is certain days and hours with only 50 players online), because there is almost always a deathmatch megaman server with good amount of players, if you want to try it this mod online, i think it worths, you'll commonly find that server for you.

  6. you know sega is bad when a fan game created in a 20 year old game is better than most of their official titles

  7. complex doom, while controversial, is my favorite mod. there is so much support for it and i love it so much.

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