5 WORST Mistakes Blizzard Will Regret FOREVER! (WoW, Diablo Immortal)

Blizzard have been in multiple controversies that shocked the gaming community, here are the 5 worst mistakes Blizzard has ever made!

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  1. Look at dj Khaled, not only does he make the millions, people have to get up and shout and say his name and shit, when's to much to much

  2. Now days 1 person cries loud and long enough about something they want removed from a game they'll get what they want…fucking pathetic.

    Ps: Not that I care for the pose shit lol that's just stupid on it's own level haha

  3. Calling Diablo Immortal a Blizzard mistake at this point is either pure blindness or a HUGE lack of knowledge of the turn that gaming has been having for the past 2 3 "few" years!!! Diablo Immortal, contrary to the believe about Heartstone, is the window that Blizzard created to enter a realm of gaming that will, most likely, be the future. It is without a doubt an entire new project without precedent inside the company and it will most likely be the catapult that will fire blizzard into the 3rd decade of this century. If not consider these points. 1 – Would blizzard put out a product this unique without 1st doing a MAJOR research into the mark. 2 – The clear increase that mobile gaming has had this past 2 years specially the monumental growth in the past 8 to 10 months. 3 – ( just to finish this post as a little question to all the "hatters" ) Would u rather that Blizzard would have developed a new and amazing Diablo title for PC, AKA Diablo 4 or somesuch, that would probably wouldnt bring nothing new into the company in terms of audiance and revenew making it so that the company would stagnate in a world that is clearly changing towards other products, OR, as a fan of the titles behind the lores the games the adventure would u let Blizzard create a title to a new and ever changing audiance that would secure the company for the next 20 years producing the titles that we all love and new ones for the new and future audiances??! I was there at Blizzcon when they anounced it and I have to say that Im almost ashamed as to the way that people, GENERALIZING, threated the company when they said for the 1st time the world MOBILE. No quarter, no chance to explain no opening for a view that might make people understand what is running under their nose! Instead they threated their old friend, Blizzard, as a jackass idiot just because they DARED to enter a new relm!

  4. i remember the creator of dota once wanted to sell dota to blz, and they refused.after about one year,dota2 and lol dominated the market. i believe this is the most deadly mistake

  5. I highlty disagree about diablo imortal . I mean it was way too early for any new game . And a phone game have advantage to both easy and fast to make with a good rentability . Blizzard fandom was expecting too much and a Diablo 4 could not see the light before at least 2022.

    And for the feminist things they defend REALLY BAD . Having a "HOT" attitude is not mysoginistic if it asumed and . The best exemple is Bayoneta, one of the most sulfuric woman of all video game, but she do control and beat mens all along her games. She is far superior than them so she is technicaly not a mysoginistic representation .

    But it's true she was too "HOT" for kids, and not sufficiently family friendly, i agree on that .

  6. I hope to one day see major corporations that get called out by snowflakes who are basically offended by everything to have one simple catch all response…..FUCK OFF.

  7. The way Khaled bombed is why the NFL has tons of "fans" flood the field during the SB halftime performances. The actual fans there to see the game are heading to the bathroom and beer lines during the performances.

  8. Hell, I'd pay dj Khalid a million bucks to perform in front of a crowd who doesn't give a shen about him, if i could. You know depending how you look at it, was it really a mistake? Lol

  9. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU PAY FOR Dj Khalid to "preform" he's a Dj a hype man not an artist wow Blizzard lol now the whole "Diablo immortal makes that much more sense lol XD

  10. It's not about whether we have phones, it's about that we spend thousands on gaming pcs and because that's where we wanna play the games on? It's obvious they don't care AT ALL what the customers want, it's sad. Well guess we won't be playing a new Diablo game because there basically isn't one xD

  11. Most people I know experienced Diablo 1 on PS1, not PC.

    I was unaware of a PC version until after I had gotten Diablo II.

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