[4K] Team Sonic Racing: PS4/PS4 Pro Tested – A 60fps Sega Arcade Racer for Today's Consoles?

Focused on the pure kart-racing experience, developer Sumo is back with Team Sonic Racing. Seven years have passed since its excellent work on Transformed, and we now have a 60fps console experience – the state of which Tom and John assess today on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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  1. This game is a fail. They should have just remastered Sonic Racing Transformed. Taking to the skies and racing over the water is what made Sonic Racing stand out from Mario Kart. Now it just looks like a lesser Mario Kart.

  2. I don't understand why so many modern games like this are going for a "realistic camera view". It just looks washed out and bad. Yes, that's more like what it would look like with a camera, but whatever happened to wanting to be part of the game? Having a lighting scheme that's more uniform and vivid in a game like this would be more appropriate than that washed out bloom nonsense.

  3. Anyone know if the base PS4 has received any patches or updates to fix the frame rate issues?!
    I mean I'm not holding my breath for it I'm just curious.

  4. Playing on the X here…game looks great and is native 4k I think….so some other game sites say…but the frame rate drops are everywhere I'm afraid…hope they can fix this because it is a good game…drop the resolution maybe…

  5. Very disappointed. Framerate is the king in this kind of game. They should sacrifice details and resolution to make it run rock solid 60fps in 2 players mode and 30fps in 4 players. In fact I wonder if it wouldn't be possible to do 60 fps with 4 players with right old-school optimization and some corners cut regarding resolution and details.

  6. The level of detail in Team Sonic is astounding, however I vastly prefer the contrast and shadows of Transformed.

  7. Have people been paying attention to comments sections on review of this game? Jesus I didnt realise there were so many hardcore sega fanboys out there, I love me some sega, but this game is average, theres nothing wrong with that, but dare to suggest it is inferior to mario kart or even sega all star racing transformed and people are losing there minds.

  8. I am honestly more hoping to see a PC version analysis.
    Because some people with 1080ti suppose to have trouble keeping it at 60fps. During scenes like you said

    And I am curious which settings you need to turn off or lower until it's stable at 60fps.

  9. They really should have focused on performance. MarioKart 8 stays at 60fps on the Wii U and Switch with no dips and it still looks great. MarioKart is king.

  10. I love this game a ton! My only complaint is with the online, it’s not as polished as it could be. The rest of the game is fantastic though!

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