[4K] Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One X – The 4K Remaster You've Been Waiting For!

A refresher before Rockstar’s sequel releases this Winter – Red Dead Redemption gets the 4K treatment on Xbox One X. It’s the first time this game’s visuals have been improved since its release in 2010 on Xbox 360, where X hardware pushes the resolution from 1280×720 to 3840×2160. Add in 16x anisotropic filtering, and a tighter lock at 30fps, and this ranks up there as one of the most satisfying reprisals of Xbox 360’s back catalogue.

As mentioned in the video, you can download the 4K source file (either h.264 or HEVC format) on our Patreon at:

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  1. Red Dead is the best game of the Xbox 360/PS3 era hands down (Mass Effect 2 is a close second), as much as I would like to go back and play it again, especially now that I have finished RDR2, I have flash backs and PTSD of the horrific controls that at times literally made me scream in agony.

    I do recommend though to those that are playing RDR2 and never played the first game, you are in for a real treat since RDR2 is a prequel. Do yourself and endure the terrible controls for one of the best video games ever created….and now in glorious 4K.

  2. OMG downloading this as we speak, ive had 1000s of hours put into rdr1. Now just waiting to relive the epic story and ending of John Marston

  3. Yeah, but why is rockstar forcing us to play with golden guns? I can't stand it and I'm.30, they ruined my game with that, ruined the immersion, ruined the master piece, so unrealistic, got damn it, why would they think that mature players would want that? The game isn't for kids damn it.

  4. I would give Rockstar $60 for a PC version of this game just I can ditch playing it my used PS3 with the terrible console controls and auto aim.

  5. I need a OneX now.
    I’ve already got a PS4 for non-PC games, a PC ‘cause well duh
    And a switch for being on the go. I could use the OneX for Back Compat and games like RDR2.

  6. holy shit, that's a night and day difference. I first played this game on the PS3 at 640p, so this is a night and day difference. I need a One X now.

  7. I was delighted when I threw my RDR disc into my Xbox One for a pre-RDR2 full playthrough for the sake of re-familiarizing myself to the story, to discover that it rendered out at 1080p with a smooth 30 fps lock (as opposed to the sometimes choppy xbox 360 720p output). The good news is that Red Dead Redemption still holds up today – it's fun to play and has arguably the most surprising and satisfying end-game twists ever. And most people won't care about this last bit, but I do: RDR has the most amazing skyboxes.

  8. Hey Digital foundry, in april 2018 I bought a xbox one x because of the strong advertisement with xbox360 enhanced feature. I love it. But until now we cant see new games with it. Can you ask MS why? I didnt received an answer from them.

  9. Xbox owners, you may miss out on all the best games but at least you got to play this again in better quality.

  10. I probably would of bought an xbone x with a 4k monitor if I knew about this earlier but Red Dead 2 is around the corner so I'll settle to play that on my PS4.

  11. Damn you Xbox owners are so lucky! I never had the chance to play RDR so I'm playing through it on PS now. It's not too bad but nowhere near as good as the Xbox emulation.

  12. Got my X last night and this was the first game I jumped into and I can promise you that this video does not do it justice, it looks phenomenal

  13. I love my ps4, and I've been a fan of PlayStation since the ps1, but the lack of backwards compatibility is a serious let down. It's truly the only issue I have with Sony, that and the stupid PS now. I'm not subscribing to that just to get access to games I've already played on the previous console. I've never wanted to get an Xbox or PC because I never found it necessary, especially since I was never a fan of Xbox exclusives but to each their own. In my opinion however Xbox having BC is a big step forward for them since PS isn't doing it. Plus Sony has God of War…and come on no matter what you play on we all have to agree that GoW is a masterpiece and personaly if I was on anything than a ps4 id buy it just to play the new installment of gow

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