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  1. I got the last of us remastered and It says won't read disc it will pop up when I am playing the game and I just got it yesterday. The disc is in good condition no scratches and it's not dirty.

  2. My son forced a disc inside my ps4 while aonther disc was already inside. They come out and go in fine. But now it's just makes this weird skiping noise and wont play any thing such as movies and games( unrecognized disc) for everything. Will this steps work for my problem or would I have to send out for repair.

  3. I really want to help you guys out.. today I got my brand new rdr2 and (a lot of ppl have this problem witch this game) I was copying that thing stuff and at 20gb/105gb my application crashed for like 5 times. After that I rebuilded my ps4 thing, you know my nig. and then guess what?? It still didn't work! But then i did all methods of this videos and also cleaned my disc witch water and let it dry witch that shit you get witch glasses and now its finally working after 5 hours. My english is bad and I hope you guys can figure out what I mean.

  4. I had same problem with battlefield 1 then I deleted the whole game downloaded it the game starts but it needs to download multiplayer but it doesn't connects to EA servers it says Everytime connection to servers lost

    The fan is circulating dust from the inside of your PS4 and telling the system that the disc is dirty. I almost took my ish apart but my PS4 has been just fine ever since I cleaned it 3 days ago. Get a very small flat head driver and just clean the vents on the sides of the PS4 top and bottom, making sure to blow through vents from front to back and dig that crap out. My 2 discs load every time now no problem and its so much quieter now too.

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  7. My ps4 cant read my bloodborne disk and the last of us but another disk can
    Should i try this method or are the disk broken?

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