25 Best PlayStation 4 Games – Fall 2018 Update

Here are the best games you can get now on PlayStation 4 consoles.

25 Best Xbox One Games – Fall 2018 Update:

25 Best Modern PC Games – Fall 2018 Update:

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  1. I was thinking of getting a ps4 but non of these games really excite me tbh. I've seen the Last of Us and I'm just not into games where you have to fight or shoot guns. I like story based games or games that give you missions. I have a Nintendo switch and have la noire, Stardew valley, overcooked and I'll be buying Zelda soon and Harry Potter Lego and when Animal crossing is released I'll get that too. Favourite game is Until Dawn. I played it at my friends and I'm watching other people play it on YouTube. It's brilliant.

  2. The Last of Us. a
    A fantastic game with great storytelling, fantastic characters with fantastic development, fantastic gameplay, and a great relationship between the two main characters Joel and Ellie. Fortnite, a game with no character development, a terrible community, generic gameplay, and only played for the sake that it’s fun because there’s nothing else to appreciate about the game.

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