1. what a load of shit. i think this is the dumbest youtube video ive ever seen

    pitty there isnt a "stupidest youtube video ever" in the report section

  2. I tried this and it has turned my ps3 into a worm hole that has ripped a hole in time space. Thanks!!

    PS.. Your a piece of…. FAKING PEOPLE WITH CRAP

  3. I know lm late for this but, this is already impossible to do that 1: The PS4 well Ps3 is not on the loading screen 2: How would the PS3 be so early for the PS4 (just pretend that this was true) 3: If you look at his user he logged on, he already logged in so if again was true, that would mean he would have to use a PS3 account or make a new one so did I Mythbusted this one! (please no hate comments).

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