$15 vs $1500 Xbox One Controller Wheel for Forza Horizon 4

$15 Xbox One Controller Wheel vs $1500 Forza Horizon 4 Racing Wheel!

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  1. I have the mini steering wheel and it's not bad but I'm glad that I'm content with using the gd old-fashioned controller. It would be nice to have one of those good quality steering wheels but it's not like I "got" to have one… it's really not that serious especially for 1500$ lol to get a real racing experience, just buy a real car and race for real👍

  2. I remember playing on a wheel with the need for speed 2007 was it? It was a super old wheel I threw away a couple months ago actually yeahhhhhhh.

  3. I’m good at drifting with a controller I just got used to it in the end I wish I had the room for a wheel and pedal set up tho ☹️

  4. It seems like u were turning the steering wheel setup and the vehicle wasn't responding when u were driving the yellow lambo

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