15 Things You Shouldn't Be Ignoring In Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an absolutely massive game, with one of the most diverse and ambitious open worlds you’ll ever see. It has a wide range of activities for players to tackle, many of which you may only have scratched the surface of by the time you’re finished with the main story. And while it is totally possibly to stick to just the main story and roundly ignore mostly everything else the game has to offer, we wouldn’t recommend doing that. Some of these activities can actively contribute significantly to the main story, in both big ways and small. In this feature, we’re going to take a look at fifteen things you should not be ignoring when you’re playing Red Dead Redemption 2.





  1. Love the game but dam….I run my ass off hunting and make 3 bucks….3 fucking dollars…..but bump someone in town and next thing I know I got a 200 dollar bounty on my head…..here's to the money glitches!!!

  2. Don't forget with the newspapers there is a cheat phrase on them so when you're 100% done with the game you can still fool around

  3. You can be a complete dick for the first three to four chapters, donate nothing, and it really doesn’t matter at all. You can rob, kill, and mutilate all the animals you want. Plenty of time left to greet your way to a really high honor ranking.

    The ideas in this game are solid, but not executed very well IMO. A lot of the “real life” stuff is just boring and grindy AF. If it really had an impact and they made it sort of fun, it would be better.

    I started playing the story again, and just couldn’t. It was worth it going through the game. I enjoyed it, but so much of it, the long rides and long discussions, the time spent looting twenty bodies, there are just too many good games I haven’t played to do this again.

  4. I just hate it when im trying to move to a quest location and some asshole in camp starts talking to me making me walk even slower

  5. Some dude i ran across in the wilds asked me to suck some poison out of his leg. Glad i didnt ignore as he bought me a weapon of my choosing a few days later 👍

  6. No bashing or anything but some of these are just simple game mechanics. Idk about you, but it's kinda hard to forget about simple game mechanics

  7. Don’t put money in camp funds. Author will die and Dutch betrays him it’s all pointless. U loose everything anyways and then become John

  8. I just started playing this game. After watching some YouTube videos about the endings. I do not want to play it anymore. I dont know what the fuck R* is thinking when writing the story. A fucking farmer who owes Strauss’ debt gives Arthur TB? Are you fucking kidding me? The farmer is nobody in the story. Write a better story for fuck sake. Make up a better and more dramatic story on how Arthur got the TB rather than a nobody farmer who owes some money

  9. I resigned and broke up with gf 2days before it came out. Now I mistakenly think this world is the video game and the real world is in rdr2.

  10. Well if them damn try-hards go back to GTA5 it would be fun to play online wish there was a Lobby I could do everything myself

  11. Not to mention the legendary animals give you talismans and trinkets which add to your health, stamina, dead eye or x2 herb pickings.
    The talismans are awesome, I’d get as many as possible as early as possible.

  12. I preordered rdr2 its perfect imo or near perfect i still like rdr 1 more. Full dishonorable 1st playthrough did a few side activities and completed the campaign playin almost straight through completed less than a week after rdr2s release.

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