10 Things You Don't Know About Monster Hunter World

In this video we’re going to talk about 10 Things that you may or may not know about Monster Hunter World. We’ll go over topics that are based in lore, game mechanics, secrets, easter eggs and things that are simply fun to know but all of these Monster Hunter World topics are either obscure or widely unknown.

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Monster Hunter World ‘Tale of the Five’ animation by VoltaBass



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  1. The mining of Ranabon (Yes bad spelling sorry) I found that out when was fighting him the first time. And, I'm a noob. I loved the nod to the Souls games. And, your #1 Life-Giving Elder peace nice.

  2. shocked how little of all this I knew and I played since Tri (first one I picked up). THe last shocked me though (never played the game where said elder dragon appeared, but had seen it in those size comparisons and I love snakes so always wished to see it, but knowing that the rotten vale could be based on it feels amazing!

  3. Late to the party and just got
    Monster world and love your videos and law. Will you do more
    With the for coming dlc out soon ?

  4. as a newb in monster hunter (mhw is my first one), the dalamadur fact totally surprised me damn that's sounds really cool

  5. Another you kinda missed for Dalamader, in the Odogoron's nest there are two blue spots of blue energy. If you get Oddie to attack and hit these spots, it will then be lit on fire with blue flames. Plus standing in this fire will take away health much faster than the acid does. These spots have also been theorized to be remnants of Dalamander's energy.

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