10 Minutes of INSIDE Gameplay: LIMBO's Spiritual Successor at E3 2016

We got a chance to go hands-on with Inside, the next game from Limbo creator Playdead, as revealed at Microsoft’s Xbox press conference at E3 2016. SUBSCRIBE!
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  1. Just started playing on the Apple TV (with the Nimbus controller of course) and I freaking love it! It's kinda creepy and great to play at night 👻

  2. graphics are basic, light compositions and silhouettes are neat. watched 2 minutes and find it to be the most interesting game watch i had for many years.

  3. I loved Limbo and after watching half this video I know I am going to like this. The atmosphere is really great and the music reminds me of the movie The Thing (1982) by Ennio Morricone, gets your heart going. 10/10

  4. Did anyone else associate the ending with an abortion? The kid gets thrust into the chamber then gets pulled into the blob. They exit the chamber only to be tossed out to die alone. Crazy. Any opinions?

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