10 Easter Eggs in World of Warcraft

Going over 10 easter eggs in WoW!

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  1. As a vanilla ret pally, i used that trinket plus dynamite to transform into a ranged cc open world pvp master. Enemies never saw ranged attacks coming:)) amazing video and great correlation to the zelda series step by step!

  2. "If you turn your music on-"

    Wait, you mean not everyone plays with music and ambience cranked to the max?

  3. Thanks for making this video. I'm not currently playing but it's so fun to watch these because I did those quests back when….
    Love your content

  4. My favorite Easter egg right now: in the Emerald Nightmare version of Un'goro Crater (Il'gynoth's area), there's a devilsaur named Bolan The Marked…a t-rex…named after Mark Bolan, singer and guitarist of 70s glam rock band T-Rex 🙂

  5. there's boy that loved wow but was sick and blizzard made his wish and he made chain quest in mulgore with his voice about finding his dog/wolf. Unfortunately the kid passed away.

  6. sorry for late reply, but another easter egg which was removed would be the HELP sign on top of grim batol which was a reference to one of the early warcraft books i believe (they arrive to the top of the mountain via a balloon there )

  7. don't know if it was a part of a guest line or not, but at least back in the days when you activated a detect invisibility-item or spell in raven hill at duskwood it revealed you that all the houses were full of 55-56 level ghosts. holy shit it freaked me out when i tried it for the first time, and has chilled my bones since. lol really, what all of the odds i decide to try my warlock self-explode spell for the first time right in the raven hill inn=DD so glad i decided to try my detect invisibility-spell to see if it would reveal what had just killed me there.

    absolutely brilliant from the old blizzard, the best easter egg ever.

  8. I remember finding the one at 6:28 during pre BC or BC I think that stuff stayed in my inventory for a while and eventually got rid of it. There's another one In another swamp very similar but I've been on Wow almost 10 years so I can't even fathom the name of the place pretty sure I could find it again if i redownloaded it.

  9. I went back onto my old account and had the photo in my bag on my lvl 64 charicter in the crater… I then cleared out my bag and DELETED the photograph after deleteing all my quests. It wasn't untill now watching this that i found out how much gold i litterly destroyed :,(.

  10. Old Man Hemming was another reference ( Ernest Hemmingway and his book The Old Man and the Sea) and he was the only vendor of the book for Expert Fishing. Also Hemmingway is more or less the Nesingwary quest givers in STV, with STV being a trove of literary references. 2 NPC's there being anagrams for J. D. Salinger (Sir S. J. Erlgadin) and Jack Kerouac (Ajec Rouak). There's plenty more poetry and classic literature references, probably the most well-known a nod to Tolkein being an early green ring called the "2 Ring" with the item description saying "Not as good as the 1 Ring".

  11. I don't play WoW because of the old graphics and aged combat system, but I absolutely love all the events that take place, intended, or otherwise. I wish there was a newer version with a modernized combat system (something interesting and risky). Is Blizzard done with mmorpgs?

  12. @0:46 yesterday I was doing a quest in the Barrens involving the Quillboars.
    I just noticed that, just like gnolls, they have orc and tauren skin sewed in their tents

  13. Blizz put SO many in the game. My favorite was Clarice Foster, the nod to Jodie Foster's character "Clarice Starling" from Silence of the Lambs. Blade's Edge has R2-D2 and C3PO as R-3D0, there are Donkey Kong, Mario and Luigi, the grey item that looked like a fork named Dinglehopper dropped by crabs down near Sen'Jin in Durotar (before Cata) and now a shiny one dropped by gilgoblins in 1K Needles, Godzilla, Gamora, Mothra, Cthulhu, all the jungle animals from The Jungle Book, the list goes on. Pre-Cata there was an NPC at the Sepulcher in Silver Pine with the same name and same spelling as my cousin but that was just a coincidence.

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