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  1. My fucking jaw hurt, man!! Couldn't stop laughing while watching that video. It has been 7 years since I discovered Diablo 2 game and I loved every moment playing it. I'm so disappointed by this latest announcement. I can't imagine the level of disappointment y'all others must be having who have been playing it for more than at least a decade.

  2. Is not only Diablo immortal the reason for so many dislikes over Blizzard/Activision but the ruining of Diablo II amd WC3 in the past 1 year with all those patches amd unneeded updates

  3. much io like the meme your a sucker your self telling each 5sec sucker dont make you anything you garbage juste like diablo devs i ill surprise if your not a devs your self you sucker ….

  4. if blizzard decides to follow the path of the mobile devices will get very bad because the vast majority of companies that make cell phone games are companies that close the doors quickly. Mobile games are temporary and do not have the same immersion of pc games and consoles. If she goes down this path we will see her own self-destruction!

  5. Worth mentioning that Blizzard pays non-employees to defend them on the forums. Some get bribed with keys, or even BlizzCon tickets.

  6. If you only knew everything is being controlled or either being selled out to China so I am not surprised about Diablo doing this it's the one way to make money and to be totally corrupt as well.

  7. I dont even play Diablo or have ever played it and for some reason these memes got to my feed. I went to see the full Blizzcon and oh boi, I feel so bad for you fans. Hahahaha, I can so compare this to EA's battlefront 2 shitstorm.

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