♦ Sims 1 – Sims 2 – Sims 3 – Sims 4 : Baby Evolution

Hello everyone!
This is a brief comparison on the most important aspects of babies throughout the sims series.
I know, I know I’ve made this before but many people were and still are saying that I neglect Sims 1 and it’s kinda true so here it is. I’ve also fixed some things I mentioned wrong in my older video.
So babies have been present in all the Sims games and for me it has always been a little challenge to take care of them since you can’t tell what they want, Sims 3 aside, and even though they’re very similar but that doesn’t mean there aren’t differences.

My Opinion?

Sims 1: That baby was a nightmare! I remember avoiding having babies here just because they were SO annoying, their crying was just something you could not get used to and since motives decay really fast in Sims 1 the parents were always missing sleep. Also, the baby was a mere object, there weren’t even relationships showed and they grew up to be totally different Sims so there’s no wonder why they’re last in my list. However, if you look at it from a gaming perspective, it’s a good little challenge, and it was the first game after all.

Sims 2: These were very cute and all and you have many interactions available, there’s more than 1 way to take care of their needs BUT I did not like the fact that the baby wasn’t selectable, there were lots of cases were I had to search all around the house looking for them, still, they were a fun life stage and very well fleshed out. I like how it’s the only baby you can pass around without a problem.

Sims 3: These lacked the interactions of Sims 2 but at least this time you could see their needs and take them everywhere with you, I’m aware of the fact many people hate these for their blankets but I never minded that, what I did mind was how short they were in interactions and the way to take care of their needs, this life stage was straight out lazy in that aspect. It’s good that they give them traits but I don’t see the point when the baby is 100% the same.

Sims 4: These get heavily criticized because of their return to the crib, and even though they gave them way more interactions than the others combined nothing will change the fact of how annoying it is to have that baby in the crib for 3 whole days (well, there’s no wonder why this time you have the option to age them up right away) the breastfeeding was a nice addition, I’ll give them that.

So if you ask me there’s no winner here. I’d like Sims 2’s model, interactions and needs with the Sims 3’s freedom and select-ability plus Sim 4’s crib interactions, something extra should be baby traits such as heavy sleeper, grumpy, loud, quiet, happy, etc. that would affect the baby’s behavior lightly. Nothing from Sims 1, thanks, that baby drives me nuts!


  1. I love Sims 2 because you can bath the babies, you can interact with them even when someone else is holding the baby, you can tuck the babies to bed. But Sims 3 onwards, they go back to square one. :’) I felt so disappointed.

  2. I like the sims 2 baby animations like washing them in a sink, Changing table, Etc. in the sims 4 we can’t do anything with the babies barely. So I think the winner is sims 3 it has all of these things.

  3. Omg I just realized I grew up with Sims… I’ve played all of them… thank you :””) miss the old good days x

  4. To me the perfect Sims 5 game would be:
    1) Sims 3’s open world
    2) Sims 4’s buy and build modes
    3) Sims 1 like music
    4) Sims 2 gameplay, storytelling, and animations (Including the cutscenes)

  5. Okay but are we gonna talk about how the babies in the original sims were the most annoying fucking things ever invented? You literally just got a baby hidden in a cradle, and it would cry incessantly (and very annoyingly) until you tried each action like three times. I’d practically be begging the social worker to take it away. And if by some miracle you actually kept the baby long enough for it to turn into a child, you got the ugliest possible combination of head and body. It was a gigantic letdown.

  6. If sims 2 had the graphics of sims 4 it would definitely be the best out of all of them,it has the best interactions and it seems extremely real

  7. "I'm not even mad, take it away"
    "Not even he can stand the baby's crying"
    "You're next Anne"
    "although I don't remember seeing Anne this Happy…. Ever"
    "dem social workers are getting better at making babies disappear"

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